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About Us


Armagan Babayigit

Armagan, originally from Turkey but living in London for the past 15 years, has been riding bikes for over 25 years and is well known in the London biker community.
He is also the owner and founder of the only dedicated motorcycle cleaning company in the UK – www.mo-clean.com.

Armagan has combined his two passions of motorcycling and touring in Turkey, his beautiful native country. He has years of experience touring the hidden gems of Turkey and knows the best places to visit.


Brian Gohery

Brian was bought up in London & spent a number of years backpacking the globe, only to be introduced to travelling my motorcycle by chance. Whilst backpacking through Africa he met a Brazilian motorcycle world traveller who was suffering from the onset of malaria who asked if Brian would be kind enough to ride his (sponsored!) motorbike whilst he followed in a truck behind until he had regained his strength. That Africa trip was supposed to be Brian’s last before settling down but in those few miles he was well & truly bitten by the joys of adventure motorcycling.

As a direct result of being given that opportunity, two years later Brian shipped his own motorcycle from London to New York spending the next 10 months covering 34,000 miles from the northern tip of Alaska to the Southern tip of Argentina through mountains, deserts and jungle.

He has a wealth of travel experience and a genuine love of travelling safely by motorcycle which he is keen to share. Be warned, it only took a few miles of travelling by motorbike in a foreign land to get Brian hooked, the same could happen to you!


Bernadette Babayigit

Bernadette, the long suffering wife of Armagan and sister of Brian, has finally given in and joined the bike world!

With over 18 years of experience in event organising, she now puts her superb skills to use by organising tours for Turkey Motorbike including arranging bike hire/shipping and all the travel and accommodation for the Tour.  She does this all from the office while Armagan and Brian get to go out on the road, ride in the sunshine and enjoy the tours!!


Iain and Ingrid

Iain and Ingrid are avid adventure motorcyclists who have travelled extensively in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the USA, South America, Africa and Turkey. Between them they have visited over 100 countries and continue to expand their horizons.

To say they have become somewhat addicted to riding in Turkey is an understatement. They rate it as one of the most brilliant riding destinations in the world from a quality of roads, geographic and cultural perspective. Iain and Ingrid have joined Turkish Motorcycle Tours as the New Zealand and Australian representatives as they are originally New Zealanders now based in Perth, Western Australian. Both Iain and Ingrid invite contact from anyone interested in exploring this stunning destination and speaking to people who share a passion for adventure and far horizons. If you want a women’s perspective or insight from a couple that ride two up, then contact them on.